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Excellence in biscuit and cholate production can only be achieved with the exact dosing and blending of ingredients, from dough to creams, seasoning and even a delectable chocolate topping. This requires a tailor-made manufacturing solution, which J-Tec is happy to provide to leading players around the world. With a high-quality chocolate making or biscuit manufacturing machine designed by our expert engineers, you can efficiently produce a wide range of tasteful baked goods and snacks.

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Tailor-made chocolate manufacturing machine for optimal biscuit production

When designing a chocolate or biscuit manufacturing machine, our engineers take into account various aspects of your chocolate production process. This includes the type of ingredients, as well as their dosage, blending and sieving. Naturally, we also take into account hygiene, a vital aspect of all chocolate and foodstuff production. As such, our engineers are trained and experienced to fulfill your requirements with regards to quality, hygiene and safety when designing your tailor-made, efficient biscuit manufacturing machine. We guarantee the most efficient product handling during every stage of the chocolate production process with a tailor-made manufacturing machine.

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We provide our material handling and process engineering solutions for chocolate, snacks and baked food production to leading players in the food industries all over the world. This service entails designing, supplying, building and maintaining your chocolate making machine according your precise requirements. We not only deliver single process lines, but also provide complete turnkey installations and professional support during the entire process: from conceptual design up until the installation. Moreover, you also benefit from our professional training on operating and maintaining your chocolate making machine to keep your production running as smoothly as possible.

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J-Tec aims to design and build the safest and most efficient solutions for your company. Do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form to request a tailor-made solution for your snack manufacturing plant, be it a chocolate making machine for your production or another food processing machine. We are happy to hear your requirements.

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