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When it comes to supplying dry bulk material handling equipment, technologies and solutions, there are but a few companies who undertake the whole process. J-Tec Material Handling is one of those rare players. Let us design, supply, build and maintain your processing systems for powders, pellets and liquids. As your process partner for handling solids and liquids, we deliver single process lines as well as complete turnkey installations.

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Dry bulk material handling equipment, technologies, conveyors and process engineering solutions from J-Tec Material are provided to leading companies in the food and chemical industries all over the world. We focus on niche markets, in order to get close to our customers and to serve them optimally. Thanks to this strategy, we can provide a lot of benefits to our clients, such as a better understanding of our customers’ needs, a higher level of expertise, as well as improved and tailored problem-solving capabilities. Strengthen your market position with high-value and tailor-made engineering solutions with our dry bulk material handling equipment, conveyors and technologies. We represent the following industries:

Your process partner for handling solids and liquids

J-Tec has been active as a supplier of dry bulk material handling equipment, technologies and process engineering solutions for over 50 years. These five decades of experience and international expertise have made us an established process partner for companies all over the globe who seek dry bulk material handling equipment and solutions. We champion inventiveness and make it our mission to bring added value to our customers’ solutions. We bring a personal approach to every single project to guarantee a customized solution for every challenge. Choose us as your process partners, and you can count on a supplier independent partner who offers a tailored solution for your project. We listen to our clients and use our in-house knowledge and tools to develop equipment and technologies. We support you during the complete process of creating dry bulk material handling solutions and equipment. From the conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing you can count on us, right up to installation and commissioning. If required, we also organize training and maintenance. That makes us more than just your supplier!

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