With a high-quality food processing machine designed by our experts, you enjoy the best process solution and the highest quality for your company. This is necessary, as consumers worldwide are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the products on the market. Good manufacturing practices and avoiding cross-contamination, foreign body contamination and microbiological contamination are essential in the food and beverage industries.

The best solution for your food processing machine

Our HACCP know-how, our enthusiasm for tracking and tracing ingredients and our close cooperation with EHEDG and 3A: all this makes J-Tec a reliable partner for companies that want to fulfill the wishes of demanding consumers. Our food engineers build creative food manufacturing process solutions with a high standard of hygiene, operator safety and OPEX/CAPEX balance, while also fulfilling and guaranteeing the expected food manufacturing process performance.

The different areas of the food industry we focus on

We focus on different areas within the food industry. We design food processing machines for infant nutrition, snacks and baked food, as well as food process solutions for constant high quality food ingredients, free of any kind of contamination. J-Tec delivers high-end food processing solutions and machinery throughout the entire food chain. As we always design solutions that lead to a high-quality end product, you can rely on a food processing machine that stands for inventiveness and reliability.

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