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03 April 2024
Exploring the Versatility of Starch and Sweeteners: Insights into Tailored Solutions
Unravelling the Potential of Starch: Starch, a complex carbohydrate derived from plants, serves as a fundamental ingredient in countless products. Its versatility spans across various sectors, including food, textiles, and paper manufacturing. From its role as a thickening agent in soups and sauces to its application in biodegradable plastics, starch offers a multitude of functionalities. J-Tec specialises in providing tailored solutions for starch processing, addressing specific requirements such as industrial starch solutions and clean label modified starches. By offering expertise in process optimisation and turnkey installations, J-Tec facilitates seamless integration of starch into diverse production processes.   Navigating the Sweetener Landscape: Sweeteners, encompassing a wide range of products, play a crucial role in enhancing flavour profiles and sweetness in various applications. However, the production of sweeteners comes with its own set of challenges, including hygiene standards and quality control measures. J-Tec understands the complexities involved in sweetener production, from high-volume commodities to specialised pharmaceutical-grade products. By employing meticulous washing protocols such as WIP/CIP, J-Tec ensures adherence to stringent quality standards, regardless of the product's volume or value.   Optimising Integration and Efficiency: The effective integration of processes such as drying, milling, and dissolving is paramount for maximising efficiency in starch and sweetener production. J-Tec's expertise lies in optimising these processes and managing interfaces between different stages of production. By focusing on process efficiency and quality control, J-Tec enables manufacturers to streamline their operations and achieve consistent, high-quality products. Whether operating in high-volume production environments or specialising in niche, high-value products, companies can rely on J-Tec for tailored solutions that align with their unique requirements.   Starch and sweeteners are indispensable components in a wide range of industries, offering versatility and functionality in various applications. Understanding the complexities involved in their production and processing is essential for optimising efficiency and achieving desired outcomes. With its expertise in tailored solutions, J-Tec provides invaluable support to manufacturers, ensuring seamless integration of starch and sweeteners into production processes. By offering insights into process optimisation and quality control measures, J-Tec empowers companies to unlock the full potential of starch and sweeteners in today's dynamic market landscape.
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25 March 2024
Introducing Our Revolutionary Combi Station: Setting a New Standard in Material Handling Efficiency
Key Features: Combi Station: Seamlessly accommodating both bulk bags and bagged goods, our Combi Station provides a comprehensive solution for all your material handling needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different stations – with our Combi Station, you can streamline your operations and maximise productivity. Hygienic Design: At J-Tec Material Handling, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, especially in industries with stringent cleanliness standards. That's why our Combi Station is meticulously designed to ensure the utmost hygiene, providing a safe and sanitary environment for your products. Control Sieve: Take control of your material handling process with our integrated control sieve. Designed to enhance precision and efficiency, our control sieve allows you to manage your operations with unparalleled accuracy, giving you the confidence to meet even the most demanding requirements. At J-Tec Material Handling, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible to empower your business and drive success. If you're ready to experience the future of material handling, we invite you to get in touch with our team. We're here to help you unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. Interested to learn more about our Combi Station and how it can transform your operations? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Together, let's shape the future of material handling.
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13 March 2024
J-Tec is powering up production for Red Bull!
At J-Tec, we've always been committed to delivering excellence, and this partnership with Red Bull is a commitment to our dedication to innovation and quality. As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in powder dosing and mixing. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that this new installation not only meets but exceeds the high standards that both J-Tec and Red Bull are known for. It's an honour to be chosen as a partner in Red Bull's quest for excellence, and we're eager to contribute to the success of such an iconic brand. Stay tuned for updates as we progress through this exciting project!  
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28 February 2024
Revolutionising Operational Cleanliness with Cutting-Edge CIP Technology

Transformative Cleaning with CIP

In the wet phase of our operations, where cleanliness is of utmost importance, we rely on our sophisticated CIP cleaning procedures. Our custom-designed CIP installations stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. These installations aren't just off-the-shelf solutions; they're meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of our processes.

Optimised Efficiency

With our tailored CIP systems, we don't just ensure superior cleanliness; we also optimise operational efficiency. By minimising both time and energy investments required for cleaning, we enhance productivity without compromising on quality. The adaptability of our installations allows for seamless integration into various cleaning tasks, ensuring each application is optimised for resource utilisation and effectiveness.

Consistency and Reliability

Consistency is key when it comes to meeting stringent hygiene standards. With our CIP technology, we deliver consistent, reliable, and high-quality cleaning results every time. Whether it's maintaining sanitary conditions in food processing or adhering to strict regulations in pharmaceutical manufacturing, our CIP systems guarantee uncompromised cleanliness.

Explore Our CIP Solutions

Discover the transformative power of our CIP technology firsthand. Our CIP-able bag dumping stations are just one example of how our solutions can revolutionise your operations. Connect with us today to explore more about our innovative CIP offerings and how they can elevate cleanliness and efficiency in your processes.
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22 January 2024
J-Tec Material Handling Celebrates Successful Acquisition of Gomez Madrid Soluciones Industriales, Expanding Expertise in Process Engineering
Founded on a legacy of family business values, J-Tec Material Handling has established itself as an EPC leader developing innovative, material handling and process engineering projects. Serving diverse industries in the food and chemical sectors, J-Tec's core business involves designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for handling solids and liquids, with a primary focus on building optimal production processes for its clients. At J-Tec Material Handling, the key focus on niche markets, from Snacks and Baked Foods, Food Ingredients and Infant Nutrition to PVC Processing and Plastic Compounding, unlocks a myriad of benefits, including extraordinary technical expertise, enhanced project execution capabilities tailored to unique needs, and a profound understanding of specific industry and customer requirements. What sets J-Tec apart is their commitment to a personalised approach for each project. J-Tec prides itself on being supplier-independent, allowing the company to deliver tailor-made solutions for every unique challenge. J-Tec’s philosophy rejects the one-size-fits-all model; instead, their engineers engage with the customer, leveraging their in-house expertise and tools to craft a bespoke solution for every single project. For its customers, J-Tec is a process partner throughout the complete project lifecycle. Their vast in-house expertise encompasses everything from conceptual design through detailed process engineering, project management, procurement, and manufacturing, up until installation and commissioning, and even training and maintenance if required. Every project is different, and thanks to J-Tec’s highly qualified and experienced engineers, they can support customers anywhere in the world. The acquisition of Gomez Madrid Soluciones Industriales brings invaluable synergies to the organisation. The proficiency of GM in manufacturing custom parts in stainless steel and carbon steel seamlessly aligns with J-Tec’s goals to strengthen production capacities. Moreover, GM's expertise in skid construction complements J-Tec’s existing capabilities, allowing the company to provide comprehensive solutions and position itself as a one-stop-shop for customers. Initially dedicated to the metal sector, Gomez Madrid Soluciones Industriales commenced operations in 1996 as a metal workshop, later evolving into a company dedicated to process engineering. Specialising in the conveying of solids and liquids, as well as automation, Gomez Madrid provides comprehensive process engineering services. They possess the expertise to design, execute, and implement various processes at both project management and installation levels. Gomez Madrid offers three core services: overall project management, process engineering, and equipment manufacturing for industrial machinery production. Over the course of their history, the company has undertaken diverse projects across various industries, gradually specialising in sectors such as Food, Cosmetics, Chemicals, and the Mineral Industry. Both J-Tec Material Handling and Gomez Madrid Soluciones Industriales share a key focus on the process industry. This acquisition enhances their prowess in this sector, enabling them to offer unparalleled solutions to their clients. This strategic move further reinforces J-Tec’s commitment to global expansion, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market, ensuring better understanding of their customers and improved customer intimacy in these regions. J-Tec is poised to provide tailored solutions that resonate with local industries. As a proud member of the Katoen Natie Group of Companies, J-Tec Material Handling exemplifies a powerful partnership within the global logistics and industrial services sector. The harmonious synergy between Katoen Natie and J-Tec positions their collaborative venture as an industry-leading force. Furthermore, Katoen Natie’s proven track record of successfully delivering complete turnkey, greenfield projects worldwide, positions them well to undertake and execute large-scale projects. This consolidates J-Tec Material Handling's position as a reliable one-stop-shop for clients seeking end-to-end solutions in material handling and process engineering. "We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with the acquisition of Gomez Madrid Soluciones Industriales. This strategic move not only expands our market reach but also reinforces our commitment to being a global leader in process engineering. Together with Katoen Natie, we are well-positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions and drive innovation in the industry," stated Jim Kievit, CEO of J-Tec Material Handling. Looking ahead, J-Tec Material Handling envisions a future marked by growth, collaboration, and continued success, propelled by the collective expertise and production capacity of the integrated entity. "We are confident that this strategic acquisition will further solidify our position as a leader in the field, allowing us to provide even more tailored solutions and services to our valued clients."
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Welcome to the forefront of innovation in material handling and process engineering! Our cutting-edge automated solutions cater to industry leaders in both the chemical and food sectors, spanning the globe. At J-Tec Material Handling, we specialise in the end-to-end delivery of state-of-the-art processing systems designed for powders, pellets, and liquids.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum — from design to supply, expert construction, and ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re seeking a singular process line or envisioning a complete turnkey installation, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.

Elevate your operations with solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability on a global scale.



Established in 1970 and incorporated by Katoen Natie in 1999, J-Tec has been a leading provider of automated material handling systems and process engineering solutions for over five decades. With a rich history of experience and a global footprint, we have evolved into a trusted partner for clients in the food and chemical industries worldwide.. What sets us apart is our commitment to a personalised approach for each project. At J-Tec, we pride ourselves on being supplier-independent, allowing us to deliver tailor-made solutions for every unique challenge. Our philosophy rejects the one-size-fits-all model; instead, we engage with you, leveraging our in-house expertise and tools to craft a bespoke solution for your specific project. More than just your supplier, J-Tec is your partner during the entire process. From conceptual design to detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing, through to installation and commissioning, we stand by your side. Should you require it, we also provide comprehensive training and maintenance support.

Experience the difference with J-Tec—a partner committed to your project’s success!


At J-Tec Material Handling, we embody innovation, striving to consistently enhance our customers’ solutions. As a dedicated supplier of automated material handling equipment and systems, we are committed to staying one step ahead in terms of ergonomics, safety, and specification compliance. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures the delivery of maximum quality and an optimal OPEX/CAPEX balance.

Fueled by these objectives and driven by a commitment to fast and flexible service, we continually elevate the standards of customer care. By prioritising ingenuity, safety, and efficiency, we not only meet but exceed expectations!


At J-Tec, we prioritise Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) through our integrated management system. Proudly holding ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications, we are dedicated to empowering your business for effective, efficient, and secure operations, fostering stable and robust financial growth.

Our commitment goes beyond certifications. Regular internal audits are a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that procedures and our quality management system are not only well-known but consistently applied across every facet of our organisation. Trust J-Tec for a holistic commitment to HSEQ standards, safeguarding your success through a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


In collaboration with our affiliated Supply Chain Engineering business unit, J-Tec seamlessly delivers end-to-end greenfield turnkey projects. Our commitment spans from initial design through to the final commissioning, covering all facets of civil engineering, infrastructure, and the intricate processes involved.

As a proud member of the global powerhouse, Katoen Natie, our reach extends across the world. This expansive presence equips us with a nuanced understanding of local customs and establishes extensive connections with local suppliers. These advantages position us as the ideal supplier for automated material handling equipment and systems, ensuring your company benefits from unparalleled solutions tailored to your unique needs. Choose J-Tec for a partnership that transcends boundaries, delivering excellence in every aspect of your project.


In our commitment to responsible business practices, J-Tec Material Handling places a strong emphasis on waste reduction, recycling, and reuse of energy—both within our offices and on-site operations. We regard safety, quality, and health in the workplace not just as standards but as core values that shape our ethos. At J-Tec, we firmly believe that all injuries are preventable, and we continually strive for excellence in creating a workplace environment that prioritises the well-being of our team members. Join us in our journey towards sustainable and safe business practices.

Read our corporate sustainability responsibility policy.