Uncompromising Excellence in Ingredient Quality: A Cornerstone for Outstanding Products

The excellence of your final products, whether they be wholesome and reliable baby food or the most indulgent cookies, snacks, and confections, is intricately tied to the purity of the ingredients employed. At J-Tec, we acknowledge the significance of ingredient quality.

In our relentless pursuit of creating installations dedicated to producing these superior ingredients, we seamlessly integrate our expertise in designing and constructing process installations for leading A-brand producers in the food industry with our profound comprehension of handling a diverse array of products. This includes lactose, starches, yeast, flavors, sugar, spices, flours, oils, fats and more.

Our track record speaks volumes, reflecting extensive experience in delivering top-tier process installations throughout the entire food production chain. Rely on J-Tec as your trusted partner in ensuring the impeccable quality of your ingredients, and by extension, your final products.


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Starch and its derivatives, along with modified types sourced from a diverse range of origins, exhibit distinct processes and properties that demand meticulous attention. Collaborating with global industry leaders, we’ve successfully engineered solutions ranging from individual conveying systems to intricate setups with seamless storage and process integration. Each solution is tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers and the specific conditions at their sites.

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The protein market is experiencing a surge, characterised by a diverse array of raw materials, with the promise of even more on the horizon. Crafting valuable products from plant-based sources, algae, or insects necessitates specialised knowledge and a multifaceted approach involving numerous distinct process steps. Efficiently navigating through interfaces and managing material handling is crucial, demanding meticulous organisation and supply chain expertise. Moreover, it’s essential to maintain a flexible mindset to accommodate other products seamlessly.

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When envisioning the perfect chocolate or biscuit manufacturing machine, our team of dedicated engineers carefully considers every facet of your chocolate production process. From ingredient types and precise dosages to meticulous blending and sieving techniques, our approach is comprehensive and focused on elevating the efficiency of your production line. Hygiene, an integral component of all chocolate and food manufacturing, is given utmost priority in our design process. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are committed to meeting your exacting standards for quality, hygiene, and safety in the creation of your tailor-made, efficient machines. Experience a seamless chocolate production process with our guarantee of optimal product handling at every stage.



Lactose and sweeteners constitute a product group marked by its diverse range of products and associated requirements. This spectrum spans from high-volume, lower-value items to low-volume, high-value specialty products, with considerations ranging from basic hygiene standards to pharmaceutical-grade conditions necessitating meticulous washing via WIP/CIP protocols.

Integrating processes such as drying, milling, or dissolving is crucial, and adeptly managing interfaces between these stages is paramount. Our expertise positions us as your reliable partner in delivering turnkey solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you operate in the realm of high-volume production or specialise in low-volume, high-value products, we are committed to providing optimal solutions that align with the unique demands of your lactose and sweetener processing requirements.



In the dynamic landscape of the food industry, producing premixes has become crucial for companies seeking agility and responsiveness. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure precise dosing, blending and any further processing, accommodated for a diverse product range. We prioritise purity, implementing measures to minimise cross-contamination and uphold hygiene following EHEDG standards. With fast changeovers and Clean-in-Place (CIP) capabilities, our installations maximise efficiency and ease of cleaning. Choose J-Tec for a streamlined, efficient premix production that meets the highest industry standards.