Plastic Compounding

The prime expectation of plastics production companies is consistent high quality of customized grades and therefore, choosing the right engineering solutions for polyolefin compounds is essential. This requirement dictates the basics of a modern design for new compounding plants.

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Our plastic compound solutions for compounding plants

Simple in design but flexible, reliable and highly accurate in performance: these are the key characteristics of J-Tec’s plastic compounding solutions for polyolefin compounds such as PP, PA, PC, PPS, SMA, PMMA etc. Since we are fully independent of OEM manufacturers, J-Tec can select any brand and type of extruder and pelletizer you might prefer, and fully integrate all components in the plant control system. In addition to designing and building process equipment and polyolefin compounds, J-Tec is a leading global partner for constructing entirely new turnkey, greenfield compounding plants.

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J-Tec is your partner to find the right engineering solutions for polyolefin and plastic compounds for your application in the chemical and food industry. Find out how we can meet your requirements by getting in touch with us. Our many decades of experience and international expertise make us an established partner for businesses in food and chemical industries around the globe who are looking for the right plastic compounding solution. Fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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