In the exciting world of chemical handling, production and processing, ensuring safe and reliable manufacturing stands as the foremost priority. With our extensive know-how we can fully support both new and existing chemical production plants with their chemical production.



J-Tec is a leading chemical engineering company, armed with extensive insights into industry nuances, product characteristics and cutting-edge material handling solutions. Our knowledge is deeply rooted in over 50 years of collaborative ventures within the chemical sector. Our mission is to conceptualise and construct the most secure and efficient solutions, empowering our clients to not only survive but thrive.

We go beyond conventional supplier roles, delivering not just individual process lines but comprehensive turnkey installations to prominent players in the chemical and food industries across the globe. Consequently, we are more than just a supplier – we are your dedicated partner throughout the entire engineering process.


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Critical requirements include crafting a conceptual design that strikes a healthy balance between operational and capital expenditures (OPEX/CAPEX). This involves a meticulous consideration of factors like ergonomics, adherence to ATEX regulations, and precision in dimensioning and selecting the most apt components.



When it comes to chemical handling, we provide expansive global engineering solutions tailored to optimise your chemical production. As your dedicated process partner for handling both solids and liquids, we bring a wealth of expertise to enhance efficiency and ensure seamless operations.

Chemical plant design

Based on your specific requirements, challenges and budget, our seasoned in-house engineers start with the conceptual design for your chemical plant. Beginning with Piping & Instrumentation diagrams and advancing to 3D designs in Virtual Reality, we bring your vision to life with a tangible and meticulously planned installation.

Installation and automation

Beyond design, we take charge of the installation and commissioning process. J-Tec excels in seamlessly integrating comprehensive automation solutions for chemical plants, offering open systems that empower customers to modify and adapt with ease.

Customer care

Is your new chemical plant up and running? Our partnership doesn’t end there! Our commitment extends far beyond the completion of your new chemical plant as we also provide after-sales support to ensure the smooth functioning of your production process. Rely on us for a spectrum of services, including machine inspections, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, and robust technical support, fostering a lasting partnership.


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