Snacks and Baked Food

Producing the finest biscuits, bread, cookies, chips, cereals, pizzas, or even chocolate production for biscuits starts with a tailor-made manufacturing solution for dosing and blending the perfect mixture of ingredients. Its baked dough in combination with a cream, seasoning or chocolate layer makes a snack unique. Manufacturing the finest chocolate biscuits asks for a tailor-made machine from J-Tec.

Chocolate manufacturing machine for optimal biscuit production

The engineers in our Snacks & Baked Food division are experienced in setting up concepts for automating the storage, sieving, dosing and blending of ingredients like flour, starch, sugar, salt, yeast, oils and fat for producing dough and cream in an efficient but hygienic way. Our engineers are trained and experienced to fulfill your requirements with regards to quality, hygiene and safety during chocolate production with an efficient biscuit manufacturing machine. We guarantee the most efficient product handling during every stage of the chocolate production process with a tailor-made manufacturing machine.

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We provide our material handling and process engineering solutions for chocolate, snacks and baked food production to leading players in the food industries all over the world. We design, supply, build and maintain your chocolate making machine exactly how you wish it. We can deliver single process lines, as well as complete turnkey installations and stand by your side during the complete process: from the conceptual design up until the installation. we provide training on how to operate and maintain your chocolate making machine as well.

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Are you interested in a tailor-made solution for your snack manufacturing plant? Or a chocolate making machine for your production? It is our goal to design and build the safest and most efficient solutions for your company. Contact us via the contact form and so we can find out how we can meet your requirements.

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