Infant Nutrition

Powder handling for baby and infant formula production requires the strictest food safety and quality standards. When dealing with such sensitive products, food safety comes first, but protecting the nutritional value of the product is essential as well. Correct nutrition in the first three years of life is critical for lifelong health. For infants to grow properly, they need essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and development. At J-Tec, we help you achieve this by means of a validated process solution for baby formula production. Designing and building validated process solutions for manipulating, dosing, blending, sieving and sampling the different ingredients, with extraordinary attention to cleanliness to avoid any kind of contamination: this is the daily business of our engineers dealing with Infant Nutrition.

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Powder handling for infant formula production

Thanks to its connections around the world, J-Tec is considered a market leader in building turnkey blending installations for Infant Nutrition. Installing the right processing equipment and powder handling from the outset is vital when dealing with sensitive products such as Infant Nutrition and baby formula production. Over the years, we have helped many manufacturers with their powder handling and thus have a thorough understanding of the importance of a uniform powdered infant and baby formula production. Therefore, we are the preferred partner for leading companies in the food and feed industry.

Outstanding solutions for baby formula production

We help infant formula production manufacturers overcome their manufacturing challenges with our turnkey blending installations for Infant Nutrition. With our powder handling solutions, you can deliver consistent quality batches and enjoy the kind of profitability all manufacturers seek. Curious about what we can do for your company? Contact us by filling in our contact form and let’s find out how we can meet your requirements. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Do you want to learn how efficient cleaning will make up for lost time? Read our whitepaper here and discover why regular cleaning is vital to any food installation for baby formula production and Powder handling.