With a high-quality food processing machine designed by our experts, you enjoy the best process solution and the highest quality for your company. This is necessary, as consumers worldwide are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the products on the market. Good manufacturing practices and avoiding cross-contamination, foreign body contamination and microbiological contamination are essential in the food and beverage industries.

The best solution for your food processing machine

Our HACCP know-how, our enthusiasm for tracking and tracing ingredients and our close cooperation with EHEDG and 3A: all this makes J-Tec a reliable partner for companies that want to fulfill the wishes of demanding consumers. Our food engineers build creative food manufacturing process solutions with a high standard of hygiene, operator safety and OPEX/CAPEX balance, while also fulfilling and guaranteeing the expected food manufacturing process performance.

The different areas of the food industry we focus on

We focus on different areas within the food industry. We design food processing machines for infant nutrition, snacks and baked food, as well as food process solutions for constant high quality food ingredients, free of any kind of contamination. J-Tec delivers high-end food processing solutions and machinery throughout the entire food chain. As we always design solutions that lead to a high-quality end product, you can rely on a food processing machine that stands for inventiveness and reliability.

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Are you curious about what we can do for your company? Contact us and let’s find out how we can meet your requirements when it comes to a food processing machine and the best food manufacturing process solutions. If you fill in our contact form, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Do you want to learn how efficient cleaning will make you win time? Read our whitepaper here and find out.

Food Ingredients

Producing healthy infant nutrition and the finest cookies, snacks and sweets requires a constant high quality of food ingredients free of any kind of contamination with starch production. The aim is to make the ingredients compatible with modern food processing. Starch can be used during production as an ingredient in a wide variety of conventional foods.

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Process installations for optimal starch production

J-Tec’s vast experience in building process installations for A-brand producers in the food industry is supplemented by its know-how in handling products like lactose, starches, yeast, flavors, sugar, spices, flours, oils, fats and so forth. Our engineers design and build installations that produce ingredients to meet the high expectations of these leading global brands.

We deliver high-end process installations

J-Tec delivers high-end process installations throughout the entire food chain. We design, supply, build and maintain processing systems for e.g. starch production to produce food ingredients, snacks and Baked Foods. We deliver single process lines as well as complete turnkey installations. Do you want to know more about our material handling and process engineering solutions? Contact us and let’s find out how we can meet your requirements. Want to learn how efficient cleaning will make up for lost time? Read our whitepaper here.

Snacks and Baked Food

Who we are

Founded in 1970, and incorporated by Katoen Natie in 1999, J-Tec has been active as a supplier of automated material handling systems and process engineering solutions for over 50 years. These many decades of experience and international expertise make us an established partner for customers in the food and chemical industries around the globe. Our strength lies in the personal approach we bring to every single project. J-Tec is supplier independent, so we can guarantee a customized solution for every challenge. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we listen to you and use our in-house knowledge and tools to develop a tailored solution for your project. More than just being your supplier, J-Tec is your partner during the complete process: starting from the conceptual design, on through detailed engineering, procurement and manufacturing, up until installation and commissioning, and if required training and maintenance.


We stand for inventiveness and do our utmost to bring added value to our customers’ solutions. As a supplier for automated material handling equipment and systems, we force ourselves to be one step ahead with regard to ergonomics, safety and specification compliance, in order to guarantee maximum quality and optimum OPEX/CAPEX balance. These objectives, combined with constant concern for fast and flexible service, allow us to enhance and improve our customer care.

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J-Tec has an integrated HSEQ management system. We are ISO 9001:2015 and
ISO 45001:2018 certified in order to support your business in working effectively, efficiently and safely, and to ensure stable and healthy financial growth.

Internal audits are held on a regular basis to ensure that the procedures and quality management system are known and applied throughout the company.

Greenfield & Turnkey projects

Together with our affiliated Supply Chain Engineering business unit, J-Tec can deliver complete greenfield, turnkey projects. From design to final commissioning, we take care of all civil engineering, infrastructure and process parts of the project. Our parent company Katoen Natie is established worldwide. This widespread presence offers many advantages, including in-depth knowledge of local customs and extensive contacts with local suppliers. That makes us the perfect choice as supplier for automated material handling equipment and systems for the best solutions for your company.

Responsible business

J-Tec Material Handling is committed to waste reduction, recycling and reuse of energy at both its offices and on site. We hold excellence in safety, quality and health in the workplace as a core value, and believe that all injuries are preventable.

Infant Nutrition

Powder handling for baby and infant formula production requires the strictest food safety and quality standards. When dealing with such sensitive products, food safety comes first, but protecting the nutritional value of the product is essential as well. Correct nutrition in the first three years of life is critical for lifelong health. For infants to grow properly, they need essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and development. At J-Tec, we help you achieve this by means of a validated process solution for baby formula production. Designing and building validated process solutions for manipulating, dosing, blending, sieving and sampling the different ingredients, with extraordinary attention to cleanliness to avoid any kind of contamination: this is the daily business of our engineers dealing with Infant Nutrition.

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Powder handling for infant formula production

Thanks to its connections around the world, J-Tec is considered a market leader in building turnkey blending installations for Infant Nutrition. Installing the right processing equipment and powder handling from the outset is vital when dealing with sensitive products such as Infant Nutrition and baby formula production. Over the years, we have helped many manufacturers with their powder handling and thus have a thorough understanding of the importance of a uniform powdered infant and baby formula production. Therefore, we are the preferred partner for leading companies in the food and feed industry.

Outstanding solutions for baby formula production

We help infant formula production manufacturers overcome their manufacturing challenges with our turnkey blending installations for Infant Nutrition. With our powder handling solutions, you can deliver consistent quality batches and enjoy the kind of profitability all manufacturers seek. Curious about what we can do for your company? Contact us by filling in our contact form and let’s find out how we can meet your requirements. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Do you want to learn how efficient cleaning will make up for lost time? Read our whitepaper here and discover why regular cleaning is vital to any food installation for baby formula production and Powder handling.